Who Faces more Pressure: Tua or Hurts?

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2 min readAug 7, 2022

By: Trevor Keyes

When we think of Alabama football, we think of greatness, championships, & prestige. However, when we discuss Alabama’s QB’s, the same success that was on display Saturday’s has not translated well into the NFL. Two QB’s, who have had different paths to the NFL, both come into this season with uncertainty surrounding them. It’s a very simple question: Who faces more pressure coming into this season? Tua Tagvailoa or Jalen Hurts?

Tua Tagvailoa the former #5 pick in the 2020 NFL draft has seen his counterparts, Justin Herbert & Joe Burrow, take the league by storm. However, we still do not know what to make of Tua. With that being said, it’s very simple for Tua… Play similarly like your counterparts or be remembered as the guy who was picked before Justin Herbert.

The additions of Tyreek Hill, Chase Edmonds, Terron Armstead, Connor Williams, Cedrick Wilson, and, most importantly, offensive guru and new head coach, Mike McDaniels, shows that Miami is all in on Tua. Yes, he may have a 13–8 career record up to date, but the last time we saw Tua on a football field, he and the Dolphins were embarrassed 34–3 versus the Titans. Tua and the Dolphins have to make the playoffs. Yes, they are in a division with Bill Belichick and Josh Allen, but anything short of a playoff appearance may put the nail in the coffin for the Tua experiment in Miami.

Unlike Tua, Jalen Hurts made his first playoff appearance last season on a team who many predicted would finish last in the NFC East. So why would Hurts face pressure? Well like Tua, there is still those doubters that do not believe in Hurts. Like Miami, Philadelphia went out and got their own version of a number one receiver in AJ Brown.

In a wide-open NFC East, many people around the league expect the winner to be either Philly or Dallas. The biggest question surrounding Hurts is not his legs, is it his arm? With an improved receiving core, the expectation is for Hurts to take that next step as a passer in this league. Can he improve on his 61.3 completion percent from last season? With AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, and plethora of weapons in the backfield, anything equal to or less than would be a major failure for Hurts and the Eagles.

Both of these quarterbacks should be thankful for their teams doing everything they can to improve the franchise, but most importantly, giving them both the opportunity to succeed. Like it or not, no matter what happens this year, both Hurts and Tua are playing for their futures.

Who do you think faces more pressure coming into the 2022/23 NFL Season?



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