Ja Morant was the right choice for Rookie of the Year

By Steve Risser

Yesterday Ja Morant won rookie of the year over Zion Williamson and Kendrick Nunn. Morant had a great rookie year averaging 17 and 7 but most importantly the team improved in his rookie year last year the Grizzles finished 12th in the Western Conference and this year with him they were 2 wins away from making the playoffs. The biggest reason why I think he should have won Rookie of the year over Zion was he played a lot more games than Zion did he played 67 games and Zion played 24. Kendrick Nunn had a really good rookie year for the Heat but he did not have the impact that Morant had for his team. If Morant can develop a 3-point shot, he will be a star in this year for years to come.

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