Edwards-Helaire makes the Chiefs offense even better than it was last year

By Steve Risser

Photo Cred foxnews.com

With the last pick in the first round the Chiefs drafted Clyde Edwards-Helaire they drafted him to fill the biggest hole on their offense which is their running game and in his rookie debut he was outstanding rushing for 138 yards and a TD. A big reason the Chiefs struggled last year in the middle of the season was that they had trouble running the ball they were 23rd in the league in rushing yards and in all 4 of their losses they failed to rush for over 100 Yards. With the addition of Edwards-Helaire on an offense that already has the best QB in the sport, A top 2 TE, A top 5 WR and an above average to good o-line the Chiefs definitely have the best offense in the league and have a very good chance as repeating as super bowl champs.

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