For those uncultured folk (my boisterous way of saying unfamiliar) puzzled to what the hell I just said., let me translate.

Hi, Hello, could you all please quiet down!

Up top, that was the attention grabber, the crowd settler, usually the most common way to get everyone to STFU. Now, that I’ve got your attention, let’s begin.

No, this will NOT be your Punch Line & Schematic 101, I haven’t written a 16 in longer than 16, nor do I feel the urgency nor skill. But my verbal invasion towards the hypocrisy of you dastardly conservatives, for the piracy and misappropriation of the Black Culture… you “Karen’s” & “Ken’s”, “Klandace’s” & “Karson’s” (Candace…Carson)…YOU GON GET THIS WORK! For all those now interested as to what battle rap culture is, I’ll fill you in after I give them these bars ✊🏾!

Why is it that our music is too vulgar repulsive to be on radio and in public, but your children get millions and millions of likes and views on TikTok, monopolizing off the moves and music of the Hip Hop culture? Why is that our style and our fashion looks so faltering in the streets, “Wear your hat straight, why all the big logo” (whiney Karen voice), but Trumpito’s new MAGA & KAG hats squeal 90’S Hip Hop. The big print slogan, bent bill, snap back style hat… Y’ALL HATED HARD BILLS! But here we are… me wanting to knock every red hat alike of a zealot.

Personally, I am envious of the team who manifested that 90’s West Coast drip into such a dope style hat. The brand dawned on it of course is super trash, but at least I can appreciate the attempt to ad some form. That first round of golfer hats, circa 2015…16’, I swore his campaign would cave just the tops of those eyesores. Needless to say, I think I have an interesting design flip coming to my merch store soon. 👈🏾

How can ya’ll be so okay with trying to look like us, talk like us when its “entertaining”, even twerk like us, but be so GOD DAMN fearful! You claim to hate thugs, but will wear mockery shirts with Trumpito’s ugly grill on Tupac Shakur’s body. Y’all are repulsive, and will do anything for a buck. Don’t slander our phrases, then try and flip them to your own benefit, FOH!

When I think of a conservative, I think Boston Market. That shit is gross, that chicken is trash and the sides are bland. But for some reason, a lot of y’all love that shit. Just because you put a little bit of seasoning on something, don’t make it good….KFC!

Let’s face it… who want’s to listen to Tom MacDonald when you can listen to Rascals by RMR. Go continue to wear your white polo tucked in shirts, with tan thigh high shorts. F those ugly as white Nike’s too, y’all like cutting grass in too. The sad part about it is, once we put our own style to it, y’all will probably jack that too 🤷🏾‍♂️😂!

There’s a lesson in the difference between cultural appropriation vs adoration, and how distasteful and pilgarlic it can be. We’ll discuss further this Tuesday @9pm….

RMR close me out…

“And every sleepless night

Led me to where I am

Bitches that broke my heart

They became hoes I scam

Show me a better way

Promise I’ll quit this game

This much I know it’s true

I came up and so could you

And fuck the boys in blue

Fuck ‘em all

Fuck twelve, fuck twelve

Fuck twelve, fuck twelve”

RMR, Rascals (

Battle Rap Intro:

© Robert Benjamin



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