Adam Gase needs to be fired now

By Steve Risser


In January of 2019. the Jets hired in Adam Gase as their head coach after he was in Miami for 3 seasons where he had a combine record 23–26 many Jets fans were skeptical of the hire, but they even didn’t imagine that things would go this bad. According to Connor Hugues of the Athletic Adam Gase is safe at the moment but that is a mistake he should be gone now and there’s 2 reasons why one is he’s not a leader of men he’s too focused on the offensive side of the ball and when that side of the ball is not playing well you going to lose guys respect on the other side of the ball since Gase has been here the Jets finished last in total offense a season ago and their current 31st in total offense this year this has caused tension with the players on defense. In my opinion the reason that Jamal Adams wanted to be traded was because of Gase also Avery Williamson and Dexter McDougal have been publicly critical of Gase and last night the Jets had 6 personal foul penalty’s yes a lot of that is on the Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams but as the Head Coach you are responsible for every aspect of your team . The 2nd and most important reason has been the regression of Sam Darnold. Yes he was good last night, but overall he has not become the QB Jets fans have hoped for when the team took him 3rd Overall. The last 4 games of 2018 Darnold had 6 TD’s and 1 INT and looked like he was going to be the future of the Jets at quarterback but since Gase came in 2019 he has regressed last year in 13 games had 21 Total TD’s and 13 INT’s and had a passer rating of 84.3 he’s been even worse this year with 4 Total TD’s and 4 INT’s 70.7 and had one of the worst games of his career last week with 2 picks 6’s and a pick in the end zone he’s still making the mistakes that he made his rookie year. With ten days off until their next game the Jets missed a huge opportunity to get rid of Gase if they don’t fire him at the bye week he’ll more than likely be the head coach for the rest of this miserable season.



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